Wish to Contribute and get involved


I  came across this interesting project online and would like to contribute and develop this.Am an embedded developer owning a sanguino board (based on arduino). I currently work on Embedded linux systems. I have few queries as I visited this site first time. Would be great if you can help me get started.

At my end I wish to develop a whole system of such kind and have fun!


Can I know how active this project is?

Current stage of completion?

How complex is it and time needed  to build the Hardware mentioned here?

Any areas which I could get invloved immediately and contribute immediately without necessity of hardware?





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Re: Wish to Contribute and get involved

Hello kishoreinme

Thankyou for your interest, is there a particular aspect of a system that your most interested in? There certainly is a lot of scope for further development.

Have a look through these pages that detail some of the ideas we have for further developments and what we are working on:

emonTx New Version Dev Ideas 

OpenEnergyMonitor in general development plans


If your interested in web application development, have a look at emoncms, thats what I predominantly work on:

Emoncms specific development plans



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Re: Wish to Contribute and get involved

Hello TrystanLea

Thanks for the reply. I am pretty confident in getting data from  schematics and  datasheets and Arduino or any C kind of development with hardware.Iam not good at building hardware but can manage to get some help.I would like to get involved in the web app development in future days.

Along with an electrical grad, we had long back worked but  shelved an amateur work on domestic controlling and monitoring of  AC appliances with Arduino and a php web platform. It was shapeless and unguided. Now here emon  has a professional design and community support with  which  I would like resume my project and thus contribute here too. :) Almost a fresh start for me.

I could visualize my working the following way otherise  If you could suggest something else.

1) First I wish  to build a basic core but an end to end setup with  emonTx, emonGLCD and emonBase and get a working setup.

    Going through the respective pages,I feel  EmonTx  can be built with less efforts than EmonGLCD or emonBase. are there any built modules available? Jeenode and Nanode modules availibity in my location (India) is unconfirmed.

How should I proceed in this front. Any suggestions on this would be great

2) Further work would for me wold be more on the emonTx on my side along with software changes on remaining setup.

Got to see the labs page for further getting the emonBase with Beagleboard kind of setup, which I would also be interested to contribute as my current work is in that lines.







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Re: Wish to Contribute and get involved

 If you require help with hardware layout on this project I can help :-)

GPRS module would be a nice to have also

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Re: Wish to Contribute and get involved

kishoreinme:  for building the emontx, there aren't any prebuilt modules yet but you can get  a kit: shop.openenergymonitor.com/emontx433-kit/ or if you prefer you can build from scratch: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/buildingblocks/how-to-build-an-arduino-energy-monitor

It would be great to see a beagleboard based basestation. What are your thoughts for that kind of setup? Have you also looked at the raspberry PI?

Pforang: the best thing would be to get in contact with Glyn, he's currently designing the emontx SMT and has put all the design files online here: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/736 He is looking for input on layout.



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Re: Wish to Contribute and get involved

Hello guys

As hardware right now I have a Sanguino board (Arduino based ) and CT sensors. I would like to build a emonTx myself. Can patchup with Hardware guys aroung to get a board done. 

Regarding the GLCD is there any specific modules or part numbers preferred.?

@Pforang Thanks for the help offered. I would really require your support. I dont get the GPRS part you had mentioned. what was that about?

@ TrystanLea  I find the emonBase right now has a task of gettine emonTX's data to a server , may be a PC . I feel replacing just nanode with Beagle board or a Rasp PI will underutilize the boards all together. Beagle with linux is capable of running a Web server itself, which would combine the emonBase+PC actuallly.

What kind of thoughts do you guys have for this kinda implementation? 


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