New store: product suggestion

Good the see the store is open and that items are reasonably priced.

One suggestion, would it be possible to get the kits without the RFM12B modules? You only sell the 433 and 868 Mhz models and I'd prefer to use the 915Mhz as it will fit in with other projects I'm working on.


Other than that, well done!

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Re: New store: product suggestion

I agree with that, I've just brought a few RFM12B modules so don't need them as part of the kit !

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Re: New store: product suggestion

I agree, thanks for the idea. In the next batch we will let people buy the RF separate, that way the kits can come with no RF or an RF at the correct frequency for the country. 

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Re: New store: product suggestion

Are you going to be offering the other modules with the no RF as well? I am using JeeLabs nodes with 915MHZ HopeRF devices, and would like to integrate them into your Base or Monitor unit.

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