Solar Hot Water Controller

I've found some web links to an OEM  solar hot water controller ( but when I click them I get a message "Access Denied: You are not authorized to access this page".

Is this project still being developed ?


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Re: Solar Hot Water Controller

I can still see the page.

[I think some maintenance is being done on the website, which might account for this and for the two latest topics being broken].

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Re: Solar Hot Water Controller

I've just retried and get the same Access Denied message.  I've tried with FF on Linux and Windows.  I've just retried via a UK based web proxy and got a 403 error.

Hopefully the webbies will get this fixed soon.

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Re: Solar Hot Water Controller

Sorry, it's not an error, I unpublished those pages as I was rewritting them and Im afraid I put it on the back burner for a while while I have been working on other things. 

The page is still only half complete, but I have just made it available again in the meantime. I will try and get the code up there soon:

Let me know what you think? It would be great to hear your ideas as to the system and your plans.

All the best


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Re: Solar Hot Water Controller

Thanks for republishing that.  I have an existing solar hwc but the controller is stuck in the era before the net.  I'm looking to replicate its existing functionality and add the web enabled functions plus data logging.  I'll post up more when I've sketched up my todo list :)

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