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I am totally new in the world of energy monitor stuff. Some time ago i stumbled upon a site where they sell hardware and some software to read out your smart meters. I was planning to buy hardware from this site but then i came across and the Emoncms implementation. This really caught my attention. I still intent to buy the hardware from that site but i am curious if it will work with the ssytems provided on this open energy project builds.

Please if somebody can advice:

Energy meters reader gas and electric from the P1 port with a P1-ETH V4 Converter Module (ETHERNET)

And for the water meter the S0 Pulse Counter Module (5 Poorten) (USB)

This website also provides software for the hardware.

So my questions are;

What kind of standards are used

Can you implement existing software to the open energy monitor


Link of the website: (in dutch)


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Re: Compatible hardware

It's very very easy! 

When building this device and integrating it with open energy monitor I explored several options but my final recommendation is to just build a simple script that collects the info from your sensors via the included software and loads it into the emoncms feeds by querying the appropriate URL.. E.g. wget  To update the value for feed #0, don't forget to add your read/write key to the end though... More info under the feeds->API help page. On your emoncms dashboard.

If you need help writing a script let me know, I can help!


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