Recommendation of code contribution

I have built this project for an assessment (emonGLCD & mk2 PV router). Part of the assesment is that we need to write some original code for arduino. I was wondering if there is a feature request list I can look at to see if there is anything I can do?

Alternately, I believe there is no function for setting the time on emonGLCD with the extra function buttons, could that be a good thing to work on? Are the 2 extra buttons designated for anything else?

Thanks in advance ;)

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Re: Recommendation of code contribution

I don't know of a 'to do' list, people tend to publish their contributions either only after they have finished, or when they are stuck and need help.

You can use the buttons for whatever you choose - remember it's all open-source. Normally as you appreciate, time is set by a message received from the server, and the GLCD only needs to keep time for a few minutes. I've used a button to switch daylight savings time on and off (locally) rather than changing it in emonCMS, so it's entirely practical to use the buttons to set time. However, you'll need to keep your code very compact, and maybe compact the existing code (an interesting exercise), because there's precious little free memory available.

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