Flush mount temperature sensor

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I'm attempting to monitor the temperature in several rooms of my house.  Has anyone come up with a good way to conceal the DS18B20 device when using it for room measurement?

Are there any flush mount sensors that work with the EmonTXv3? - something like this?






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Re: Flush mount temperature sensor

Buy an electrical box, such as you would use for a light switch (either a metal box let into the wall, or a surface mounted patress, whichever suits your house).

Fit it with a blanking plate (eg http://www.diy.com/departments/crabtree-1-gang-single-white-urea-blankin... )

Glue the sensor to the back of the blanking plate using thermal glue.

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Re: Flush mount temperature sensor

do you think that will read the temperature of the room more than the temperature of the void behind the drywall?


I was wondering about putting it inside the return vent for the heating system.


Any thoughts?

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Re: Flush mount temperature sensor

Ah - I guess i'll get a couple of these the next time I order!



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