using jeelink as a substitute for emonBase


Hi All,
I am considering alternatives to the standard emonBase. I already have a small linux box (PC Engines ALIX 3D2) running a weather data logger ( which can accomodate some extra computations (emoncms in this case). I'd like to see the feasability of using a jeelink plugged in one of the two USB ports of my linux box. I don't like the idea of having to power another box just to send data to the emoncms host when the data can be received directly.
I understand that this is not difficult and that jeelink can be easily configured to receive the data (
Is emoncms prepared to receive data from jeelink's serial port?
Any advice in this setup? 
Thanks and congratulations for this great work!!
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Re: using jeelink as a substitute for emonBase

Where do you plan to store Emoncms?

Sometimes I use JeeLink to receive the sensors data and JeeMon is posting the data to Emoncms. I think you can use JeeMon on your linux box too...

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Re: using jeelink as a substitute for emonBase


The idea is to store Emoncms in the linux box. My ALIX Box is running a voyage linux and since it is i386 based has all the software packages available. 
However, I still haven't had time to check emoncms requirements.
I didn't know jeemon. I'll have a look at it.

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