Send data from Arduino Pins to Web

So im trying to send data input from the arduino to the mysql database and then out to the web to be displayed, seems like this page had all the answers.. but the dead links on the examples are discouraging to say the least. heres the link im talking about I got my data to post to my mysql database.. When I try and pull the data with FLOT its just blank... I see the script calls for a file DB.php but i cannot locate this file.  This example just says Hello for me when I click on it... Any advice? (from bottom of the page link posted above, Great that's it! Have a look at your domain, the graph should appear! and look something like this.)  this is all i see for the "FLOT example"

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Re: Send data from Arduino Pins to Web

Hello, apologies that tutorial/example is a long time out of date, we are now using emoncms: which is a full application for datalogging and visualization.

I have added a note to the top of the page to make it clearer and placed it in the archives section.

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