Raspberry Pi emonBase

As I'm sure many of you will be proud owners of a Raspberry Pi it would be great to get the Pi working as an emonBase. This is to received wireless data via RFM12B from the emonTx and post the data online to emoncms / Pachube / other web service. 

An Arduino board with an RFM12B wireless modules connected via USB to the Pi will be able to do the job or receiving the data from the emonTx and passing it via serial coms to the Pi. A Jeelink from JeeLabs it prefect for this; its' at ATmega328 and RFM12B all SMT assembled into a USB stick like enclosure.

The JeeLabs RFM12B demo does a good job of configuring the wireless (ID, network, frequency etc.) via terminal commands. Once set the wireless settings are saved to the EEPROM of the ATmega. This means once sutiable code has been wirtten on the Pi Arduno firmware on the JeeLink should not need to be changed, all configuration can be done on the Pi, maybe via GUI or web interface. 

Thanks to David Singleton from http://blog.davidsingleton.org/hands-on-with-raspberry-pi/, he has posted instructions how how to connect an Ardunio to the Pi:

Arduino on Rasp Pi


Install the Arduino software
sudo apt-get install arduino
Download the pre-built rasp pi / debian kernel modules I built.


Enable the modules
sudo insmod drivers/usb/class/cdc-acm
sudo insmod drivers/usb/serial/usbserial
sudo insmod drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio


Plug in your Arduino UNO.
You should now have a USB serial port for the board on /dev/ttyACMO. Enjoy!

Let's post developments on this topic on this thread as they happen. 

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Re: Raspberry Pi emonBase

I am also eager to put my hands on the Raspberry. I'd love to see PHP, MySQL ported to ARM and then I will use it for home based server running emoncms and my personal monitoring system

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Re: Raspberry Pi emonBase

More good info on how to get an Arduino communicating with a Raspberry Pi here: http://www.doctormonk.com/2012/04/raspberry-pi-and-arduino.html

This should work exactly the same with a JeeLink (which in an Arduino with RFM12B in a tidy stick). It would be great if anyone with a Raspberry Pi could get this working (receive data from emonTx via RFM12B JeeLink and post to emoncms), I'm still waiting for mine to arrive :-( 

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