Domestic Electricity and Temperature Monitoring Service - North West Scotland

I work for a national charity called Community Energy Scotland ( We have begun working in partnership with a registered social landlord to monitor electricity consumption and temperature in 8 domestic properties. This work is funded through the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations' Energy Ideas Fund.  

We would like to hire a contractor to supply and install remote monitoring equipment (like the Open Energy Monitor equipment). The equipment will remain in place for 12 months and during this period data will be sent to a secure online platform which can be accessed by us. At the end of the period the contractor will remove the equipment.

We would also be interested in training for Community Energy Scotland staff in the installation of this equipment. If this works out much more cost effective than paying for installation, we may just require training and supply of equipment, and we’d install the monitors ourselves.

Please reply to this comment or email me ( with an expression of interest. I will then add you to our list of potential contractors and contact you once the tender is published. This is likely to be early August 2014.

Best wishes,

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Re: Domestic Electricity and Temperature Monitoring Service - North West Scotland

Hello Nick, Thankyou for asking on the forums, its great that you have made this request open.  I've heard of the good work you do!


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