Postage Cost Only - Onzo, Wireless Electricity Monitor

For the postage at cost I have the following.  You can send me the postage when it has arrived and you've made it work.  I prefer to only send it to UK addresses please.  If you're pleased with it you could always make a donation to Open Energy Monitor.

Unwanted Onzo, Wireless Electricity Monitor which is comprising of the combined single CT & Wireless Sensor Unit & the LCD Monitoring Display.  I no longer have the packaging or manual.  

You can find the manual here:

I received this unit 'free' with my Swalec electricity account.

The combined CT & Wireless Sensor comes with a 3xAAA rechargeable battery which has just started to leak so I have removed it but will include it in the package because you could re-use the cable and connector on a set of new batteries - or use the unit it with normal, non-rechargeable AAA batteries.

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Re: Postage Cost Only - Onzo, Wireless Electricity Monitor

A kind gesture Steve, but probably the wrong forum to give away power monitors!


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