Help Required!!

Hi there,


I am looking for assistance with using the emon system in a commercial monitoring application for various technologies (PV/wind/biomass/chp/thermal etc).

My business is a commercial installation contractor of the aforementioned technologies and we have no experience in this field but I have a very clear idea about what I would like to achieve.


I therefore require someone who knows what they are doing in terms of programming etc to let me if it is possible and Howe can proceed. All assistance will be paid for.


Please contact me via the website if this is of interest.



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Re: Help Required!!


I think, we ( could fulfil your Needs and would be interested in discussing cooperation possibilities. We developed a wireless (data Transfer and - optional- power) sensoric measurement System that can be connected to any System using Standard protocols. We use EMONCMS as our Standard tool for energy data visualization, individualized for our customers. We are able to connect a wide range of analog or/and digital senors to our scalable System. Further we are able to customize the sensor houses to offer the possibility to "hide" the sensor in a room or to make sure the sensor and data Transfer module fits exactly in any place where its needed. You can gain more Information at We are a Company cooperation- an Engineering Office for environmental Engineering and and Engineering Office for Electrical Communication Engineering. There is many years of experience in developing electronic Systems and Lithium polymer battery Systems made up for companies. If you are interested in further talks, please contact me.

We are situated in Austria.

Best regards,

Guenter Hoffellner (g.hoffellner(at)

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