Emon PCB Design

I was wondering what you guys use to do the board and schematic designs as I would like to take my Emon Project into a pcb and I have no idea what to use, its a very basic design essentially a cut down emontx2 but with a small psu.

I expect it would take you about five minutes, I expect it will take me five weeks lol

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Re: Emon PCB Design

See the Wiki - there's a link there (at least for the emonTx V3) to Solderpad which is where the design files are. The software is Eagle CAD.

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Re: Emon PCB Design

I tried that, looks a nightmare, thanks for the pointer

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Re: Emon PCB Design

FWIW, I use PCB Wizard 3 from New Wave Concepts.  I went for the 'Pro' version which supports 2-sided auto-layout, but have ended up tracking everything manually so the standard version would have been OK.

 (I couldn't get my head around Eagle CAD either!)

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