Pulse count EmonTX running on batteries

 I'm playing around with LED pulse counting on a Wiznet ethernet based board and finding it both very stable and more accurate compared to CT clamps on my home and office installs.

The big downside is power consumption - I had a CT unit working wirelessly (using a Jeenode but much like a Nanode RF/ Emon TX) on batteries using a simple 'wake up, measure, send, sleep for a minute' sketch and it lasted for months.

With the pulse count, for now I'm leaving the power on between (interrupt derived) pulses to get accurate time - in a sense im pulse timing not pulse counting.


Anyone developed beyond this point? I considered taking a fairly long time period and counting pulses, and accepted the rror between (say) 11.1 pules and 11.9 pulses. Any thoughts or experiences?