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Morning All,

i've previously been using a currentcost Envi to send data to a debian server to graph power usage and temperature over a period of time. unfortunatly, the currentcost is now dead so i would like to look at another solution.

i currently have a arduino duemilanove which isn't doing anything, can i link this with the emonTx shield, and an ethernet shield to send the data to my debian server?



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Re: Arduino - > debian server


Using your debian server as an emoncms server is absolutely feasible.

To use the OpenEnergyMonitor solution, you'd need one or more emonTX and a base. The base can be a RaspberryPi or a Nanode, connected to your router or directly to your PC.

If you need only one emonTX and it is close to the server or the router, you can skip the radio link and the base and use a single emonTX with an ethernet shield, and modify the sketch to replace RF send by the appropriate url request.

(Assuming you can fit both the emonTX and the ethernet shelds on a duemilanove. I don't know that.)

In this case, the arduino single-threaded environment would have to deal with the connection potential difficulties while performing its real-time tasks.

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