Hi guys.

big problems here, I'm not able at all to let the system work

System is based on raspberry pi and emontx v3

emontx v3 connected with 9VAC transformes, red led blinks

on rpi side, I flashed the sd card as described here

I switch rpi on, kill the process for debug purposes and started by hand.

here the result of

python /root/oem_gateway/ --config-file /boot/oemgateway.conf

2013-12-15 14:04:26,399 INFO Logging level set to DEBUG
2013-12-15 14:04:26,402 INFO Opening gateway...
2013-12-15 14:04:26,406 INFO Creating buffer emoncms_local
2013-12-15 14:04:26,409 INFO Creating buffer emoncms_remote
2013-12-15 14:04:26,413 INFO Creating listener RFM2Pi
2013-12-15 14:04:26,417 DEBUG Opening serial port: /dev/ttyAMA0
2013-12-15 14:04:26,421 INFO Setting send time interval to 300
2013-12-15 14:04:26,425 INFO Setting RFM2Pi | frequency: 8
2013-12-15 14:04:27,430 INFO Setting RFM2Pi | sgroup: 1
2013-12-15 14:04:28,434 INFO Setting RFM2Pi | baseid: 15
2013-12-15 14:04:29,438 INFO Creating listener Socket
2013-12-15 14:04:29,441 DEBUG Opening socket on port 50011
2013-12-15 14:04:29,465 DEBUG Broadcasting time: 14:4
2013-12-15 14:04:29,470 INFO Serial RX: > 8b
2013-12-15 14:04:29,674 INFO Serial RX: 
2013-12-15 14:04:29,677 WARNING Misformed RX frame: ['\x01']
2013-12-15 14:04:29,882 INFO Serial RX: > 1g
2013-12-15 14:04:30,086 INFO Serial RX: 
2013-12-15 14:04:30,089 WARNING Misformed RX frame: ['\x01']
2013-12-15 14:04:30,294 INFO Serial RX: > 15i
2013-12-15 14:04:30,517 INFO Serial RX: 
2013-12-15 14:04:30,520 WARNING Misformed RX frame: ['\x01']
2013-12-15 14:04:30,725 INFO Serial RX: > 0s
2013-12-15 14:04:30,931 INFO Serial RX:  -> 4 b
2013-12-15 14:09:29,559 DEBUG Broadcasting time: 14:9
2013-12-15 14:09:29,764 INFO Serial RX: > 0s
2013-12-15 14:09:29,970 INFO Serial RX:  -> 4 b


and stops!


I have some questions:

1st. on RF12 module, the green led should be on or off? in my case it switches on for few seconds during boot, after it is off

2nd question. What are the sgroup and the nodeid I have to use?

3rd question. How can i change them from ssh? every time I try it answers that filesystem is in readonly mode, even after ipe-rw


Thanks for your support. I don't really know what to do




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Re: Issues!

Good work it sounds like your nearly there.

As is mentioned in the emonTx V3 documentation the pre loaded firmware is shipped on network group 210 with frequency to match what you ordered. You need to set the rfm12pi to be on the same network group and frequency to match the emonTx . I see that your rfm12pi seems to be on group 1.


The easiest way to edit the network group and frequency of the rfm12pi when using the raspberry pi gateway is to insert the sd card into a computer and edit the oem gateway. Conf file using a text editor. 

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Re: Issues!

Yes I red it, and I tried, but some result...


Other ideas?

Is the problem on the raspberry or on the emontx side?

Could some bad weldings cause this issue?

Is there any way to be sure emontx sends the data?

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Re: Issues!

Have you got a USB to UART cable? Can you see the serial output from the emonTx at bootup? It's at 9600 baud

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Re: Issues!

Yes, I bought the adapter too, I will try during lunch.

What should I see? Is there some troubleshooting guide that could be helpful for me?



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Re: Issues!

hi again.

I don't see anything.....

9600 8bit 1 stop no parity. Right?


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Re: Issues!



emontx was not programmed.......


it was hard but now seems ok


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