RFM12PI has stopped receiving

Whilst my RFM12Pi  on my RaspberryPi has been successfully receiving data from my emonTx solar power monitoring installation and posting it to Emoncms3 (modular) that is hosted by the said RPi for about 50 days. Similarly, it has been successfully receiving data from my emonTx hot water cylinder monitoring installation and also posting it to Emoncms3 for the past 12 days. For a presently unknown reason, data ceased being received simultaneously from both devices a day ago. The only significant point of note is that it [coincidentally?] was when I was trying to create some new dashboards.

I have stopped the Emoncms RPi module cron job, rebooted the RPi and checked the output of the RFM12Pi using minicom. This confirms that the settings are still correct for my arrangement, but displays no received data. The solar power emonTx is still transmitting data; in that the LED continues to activate periodically.

I have tried rebooting, even removing the power (after a safe shutdown), but to no avail.

I have unplugged and replugged the RFM12Pi, but no joy.  The LED of the RFM12Pi unit turned on briefly when plugging it back in.

I have tried re-saving the settings for the RFM12Pi unit within Emoncms3, but this does not resolve the loss of communications.

How do I best evaluate whether this is due to a hardware or software failure of the RFM12Pi unit?

Whilst I haven't yet checked the emonTx units to see if they are still operating correctly, the simultaneous failure of both units to be received suggests the RFM12Pi unit. is at fault

Thank you in advance


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Re: RFM12PI has stopped receiving

This is embarassing. It transpires that despite working successfully for some time, the loss of communcations was due to the hot water cylinder emonTx suffering battery failure and the the base station antenna inadvertently and unknowingly being moved slightly and thus causing a loss of reception. Moving the base station antenna resolved the issue and all is working again.


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