Problem uploading firmware to NanodeRF

Hello all.

I just received yesterday the quit purchased in emonTX, NanodeRF and a Programmer - USB to serial UART.

The USB to serial UART allow upload the firmware to emonTX properly but when I try upload a sketch to the NanodeRF always appear the message:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

and always is flashing a red LED every one second in the nanodeRF board.

The settings in the Arduino program (ver 1.0.3) are:

-          - COM22 (is correct because it works with the emonTX firmware load)

-         -  Board: Arduino Uno

My OS is Windows7

I’m trying to upload in the NanodeRF, for example the “a_FixedPackets.ino” sketch.

Somebody know what is happened?.

I’m not sure the right way to connect the Programmer in the nanoderf board: the GND pin in the six-pin conector is the nearest to the SD socket in the nanoderf board?

Best regards.

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Re: Problem uploading firmware to NanodeRF

Yes, ground is nearest the microSD socket.

Try unplugging the usb from the computer, shutdown the Arduino IDE and then start over again.  I get this every so often on various devices.

Also try pressing the reset button on the nanode before you upload.  Has sometimes worked in the past too.

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Re: Problem uploading firmware to NanodeRF

I had the same problem with a recently purchased Nanode.  In my case all of the documentation was suggesting to set the board type to Duemilanove w/ ATmega 328.  However I eventually could only get it to work by changing the board type to UNO.  When I enquired about the problem they told me that recently shipped Nanodes have the UNO bootrom.  You may have an older board.  You could try setting the board type to Duemilanove w/ ATmega 328.

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Re: Problem uploading firmware to NanodeRF

Hi all.

Finally the problem was a bad solder in the square CI!!!. If I twist the board, or press the IC with my finger then the LED's blink.

In one week I had a new Nanode in my house under warranty: the service from SHOP was perfect.

Thank for you support.

Best regards.

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