How to get your hands on an emonTx kit


We are currently working on a new version of the emonTx which will include 3 CT channels and the option to measure voltage using an AC-AC adaptor for real power measurements. We are working towards opening and online shop in collaboration with nanode.
In the meantime we have a few emonTx V1.4 kits to sell. See photo for contents of kit. EmonTx V1.4 has got 2 CT channels to measure apparent power, pulse inputs (to interface with utility meters) and one-wire temperature sensor connections. See documentation page for full specifications and assembly steps for more photos. 
If you would like to buy an emonTx V1.4 kit (complete with milled case, CT sensor, wireless module and all components) please Paypal £40 + £2 P&P GBP (or currency equivalent) to Kits will be dispatched within two working days of receiving payment. We can ship internationally. Please contact me for international shipping cost. 
Few notes:
  • Although it's fully functional the hardware and firmware are still in development. This kit is best suited to enthusiasts who are already familiar with Arduino and have basic soldering skills. 
  • The Atmega 328 microcontroller comes preloaded with the Arduino Duemilanove bootloader, the emonTx firmware must be downloaded from the documentation page  and uploaded to the emonTx using the Arduino IDE and an FTDI cable (not included in the kit but can be bought cheaply on ebay, use 5V version).
  • To make a wireless web-connected energy monitoring system a nanode (not included in kit) with a JeeLabs RFM12B wireless module 422Mhz  (can be included for additional £10) is required. Nanode firmware to receive data from the emonTx and post to pachube or emoncms can be downloaded from the emonTx documentation page. A JeeNode with Ethercard will work exactly the same. 
  • The emonTx and efergy CT sensor (included) have been designed to monitor current up to 100A. 
  • The emonTx has not been tested outside the UK. 
Please post any questions or comments to the OpenEnergyMonitor forums:
All feedback and contributions are most welcome. 
All the best, 

Glyn Hudson.


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