Power Supply decoupling

 I am building a 'standalone' 2 channel energy monitor but am a bit stuck with the power supply decoupling.

I am using a LM8705 5v regulator, and whose spec sheet shows 0.33uF on the LM8705 input and 0.1uF on the output, which seem very small capacitance, especially when I see 2 x 47uF caps on my Uno board (I presume that they are used in connection with the power supply).

Any advice please.

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Re: Power Supply decoupling

What problems are you seeing - and what input is being used to provide your regulator input?

The more variable the input to the regulator, the larger the capacitor at that end you will need



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Re: Power Supply decoupling

No problems yet Ben because I'm still building it, but want to make sure that I get the values right at design stage.
The input is a 12v transformer supply fed via a rectifier bridge.

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