My project!

 Hello everyone!

I'm trying to set up a 'total energy management system' for a wind turbine. I looking to interface a adrunio energy monitor with a wifi weather station with the wind turbine.

My one remaining problem is looking for a hardware disconnect switch for my turbine that can be controlled by software. Does anyone have any ideas towards this?

Thanks for your time,


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Re: My project!

Without knowing more about what type of wind turbine you have its difficult to give advice. Maybe a big relay? Have you got some sort of dump load? There is a bit of wind turbine monitoring documentation on OpenEnergyMonitor. There is information on DC monitoring and wind speed monitoring. Scroll down to the bottom of the input module page: 


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Re: My project!

 its a 48V, 1.4 kw max and I do have a dump load.

thanks for your advice, I'll look into it.

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