actual software/hardware


I'm trying to set up something similar to what you propose but in the Liverpool area.

What exact software and hardware are you using. I was planning on using the open source software from here but was a bit unsure about certain hardware parts. For instance what open source electricity monitors are available?



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Re: actual software/hardware

 Ah lol I've just found all your information! I accidently kept missing the links.

But one question still remains, do you know of any java software that can integrate with you energy monitors?

Thanks for your time - ill keep looking!

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Re: actual software/hardware

Hi Luker501,

One-wire weather station looks cool. Here is a link the the java software writen for the energy monitor What are you intending to do? If you are looking for somewhere to post and graph data Pachube or EmonCMS is probably your best bet .

Hope this helps, Good luck!

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Re: actual software/hardware

 Hi Tystan,

thanks for the comments, the Java articles are very nice, its good to know that there is lots of support for it. 

Sorry I didn't reply back quicker, I was expecting an email if someone replied to me and it never came!

for what I'm planning to do, see my new post! ;)

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