Industrial Monitoring and Control

 Hello there,

I am trying to implement this energy monitoring in three phase system together with other industrial controls. I have some queries.

i> Is arduino capable to sample 6 parameters ( 3 voltage and 3 currents)?  I just found that 24 samples per cycle (for 50 hz) will be good enough for accuracy( theoritically).

ii>  "for (n=0) to (numberOfSamples-1) loop"... How to determine exact number of samples in real coding? Do I have to count number of data between zero crossing of voltages( 0 deg to 180 deg) for number of samples?

iii> In real life voltage doesn't change but what abt current which really swings( from few mA to 10s of ampere)?? Do I need extra circuitry as in AVR465.?

iv>  Can I interact with arduino during sampling process, for controlling other system such as capcaitor bank switching, manual load control etc? 

Please help me out.