EmonTx Shield schematics eagle question

Hello everyone, 

Sorry if this is not appropriate but I have a question regarding Eagle based on looking at the emonTx shield schematics.

In the eagle Schematics appears the Arduino as microcontroller where all connections are done to the pins, howerver, in the board layout, the chip itself does not appear, and only the pins.

i have tried to do the same with an atmega2005 library, chip 2560, but when I go to the board layout the chip appears instead of only the pins.

Can someone tell me how to hide the chip in the board layour and only show the pins? I am making a shield based on emonTx shield but for the arduino mega, so I dont need the microcontroller to appear in my board as it will be connected using the pins in a shield configuration.

thank you so much, this is driving me crazy.

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Re: EmonTx Shield schematics eagle question

i know this is a bit offtopic, but I really would benefit from understanding this.

how to make the atmega chip not appear on the board layout, only see the pin headers.¡?


thank you a lot

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