EmonGLCD - temp sensor not accurate

I've noticed that the temp sensor on the EmonGLCD tends to give a reading that is a degree or two above the actual ambient room temperature.

This is clearly due to small amounts of heat disipation from the circuit board.

If I fan the sensor gently, then the reading drops down to where it should be.

Could I make a suggestion:

Any future re-design of the GLCD board should allow for the temp sensor to be mounted off the board, and outside of the wooden front/back faces, so that it gives a more accurate reading?



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Re: EmonGLCD - temp sensor not accurate

This is something that I also considered. In the end I attached the LED's and the LDR on flying leads but decided to leave the temperature sensor on the PCB. My EmonGLCD is in a plastic case so there will be a heat build up to some degree unless I mount it proud of the case. This isn't something that I want to do. Consequently, I left it attached to the PCB.


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