UK mains socket with USB connection

Stumbled across this the other day

which looks like it might be useful if you are running an AC adapter and powering an eMonTX from USB socket !

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Re: UK mains socket with USB connection

A tad expensive and inflexible, I'd say. And I'd question the reliability of the USB socket in a dusty environment. But worth knowing about nevertheless. A good find.

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Re: UK mains socket with USB connection

Nice! This is the future. I can see these being fitting into new houses soon, such is the demand for USB power. USB 3.0 will allow bigger devices (laptops etc.) to be powered via usb. 

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Re: UK mains socket with USB connection

Nice idea, it certainly 'has' something ...

But I really doubt it will find widespread use in the nearer future. It mixes two different things, housewiring and electronics and at least here in Germany (ok, this unit is clearly not made for Germany ) these are two completely different 'crafts' (this is the sad truth!).

Simple USB switching power supplies from china cost around €5, can be used more flexible and when they are defect, you can easily exchange them. With this unit, you have to call an electrician (+€50) to exchange it.

It is the same problem with all this home automation stuff (including EIB/KNX) and energy monitoring. Most of the electricians don't 'touch' it and you are not allowed to install it yourself (without adequate qualification, and this is a wise decision!). And if it stops working, it will get expensive.

I really hope this situation will change, but I am not that optmistic. 


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Re: UK mains socket with USB connection

Just realised that Maplin also do one, much more cheaply £3.99 !

and this one seems to cope better with dusty environments, has a shutter over the USB port.


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