Connecting emonBase to Raspberry Pi

I have just noticed this on another website

Someone has got the Raspberry Pi communicating via the serial console and FTDI cable.

Is is possible we could hardwire a Raspberry Pi and emonbase together ? that way there is no need for the emonBase to be connected to the network, it could just send the data via the serial port to the Raspberry which has the emoncms software loaded.

Or, would it be better wiring an RFM12B module to the Raspberry and doing away with the need for the emonBase all together ? as roughly described in this post

Comments welcome.

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Re: Connecting emonBase to Raspberry Pi

 Hi gb094666,

We have also got the Raspberry Pi working reading serial data and forwarding the data to an installation of emoncms installed on the Pi it's self. We plan to revist this and better document soon, we're attending a Raspberry jam tomorrow! In the meantime, here is an old thread where I have collected a few links together: There is lots of good info on Harizanov's site. 

One solution is to use a JeeLink (small little Arduinio + RFM12B in a USB stick) to receive RFM12B data and pass it to the Pi. The ideal solution would be connect the RFM12B direct to the Pi via SPI. I know some people are working on drivers for this. 

We have written a python script to forward the serial data to emoncms:

and done a blog post on installing emoncms on the Pi:

Please post your experiences, we would love to make more use of the Pi as a powerful emonBase unit. We have ideas of making a nice web-interface..



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Re: Connecting emonBase to Raspberry Pi

 Just spotted another tutorial here for how to connect a JeeLink to the Pi:

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