RFM12B DIP though holes type difference

 Hi guys,

I bought the RFM12B pin type from RS without knowing they are smaller space.  (supidly).

But I managed to solder the pins to the board as seen in the pic. I tried the RFM12B tx and rx demo. It doesn't work.

I suspect my solder might touching seach other, connunity check with meter show it's not. But I"m not sure of two things.

1. How do I check my Arduino is running at 5V or 3.3V? I got it from Freetronics, I check their spec, it said 5V and I check digital pin out when it's high, it reads 5V. So I asume it's actually running at 5V, right? Then I put the 4k7 and  10k voltage divider in input of RFM12B. VDD of RFM12B connected to 3.3v as well. Am i doing it right?

2. At the antenna point, there is two hole to solder. But they have no connunity to each other so. Which one do I use? or should I join them together? Anyone have expereince with those though holes type ones....

Thanks you very much in advances guys. I really want to get this going. I've tried for hours I don't know what next to check, I do hope some helps.



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Re: RFM12B DIP though holes type difference

 Cool cool cool... It's working now... The problem is that there is two holes near the mark ANT but only one is used and can't join the two. By soldering only antenna wire to one hole closer hole will work.. common sense? dunno.. but here is the answer if anyone come across, I just want to share.

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Re: RFM12B DIP though holes type difference

i have the same problem . how did you solve it ??

it's about the rfm12b antenna . the tx works but the rx not ... i have two holes at the DIP module ... and one antenna connected  where it says ANT


how can i solve this ??


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