emonGLCD c13&c14



I was having problems with emonGLCD v1.3 worked ok for about a year. Then there seemed to issue with power as it would not always power up when power cycled. If tapped or shaken slightly it might come back up. Anyway I have soldered all joints again and have removed c13 &14 as they where installed wrong in first place. My question, the 10uF capacitors are damaged taking out, I have two 100uF at home, can these be used or do I need 10uF?





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Re: emonGLCD c13&c14

You should be ok. They are only used in voltage doubling circuits to generate 12V so you won't do any harm by trying them. The datasheets all say 1µF so you're probably better off going for smaller values if you have them.

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Re: emonGLCD c13&c14

Hi Martin,

No luck not because 100uF aren't ok but my desoldering damaged board and never got as far as to check. I will now have to add this emonglcd to my expensive box of spares.



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Re: emonGLCD c13&c14

I'd guess the capacitor leakage currents are too great.  [Oops - misread the double negative] If you look carefully at the PCB layout, it might be possible to solder the replacement capacitors directly to the LCD pins?



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