Simpleton needs advice.


I don´t know very much about the technical aspects of installations of PV.

This forum seems rather technical and it appears very clear you folk know alot. I have a few very simple questions.

First, a quick run-down on what I want to do.

I am in Southern Spain close to Almeria, we have 300 plus days of sunshine a year.

I am looking to install a home PV installation around 4Kw consisting of 20 conergy 215W polycrystalline panels, grid-connected.

What is the difference & benefits between a tranformerless inverter and an inverter with a transformer? What would be the most beneficial for my idea/type of installation?

How can I calculate my projected/intended  daily production from the installation?

All for now...for sure there will be more



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Re: Simpleton needs advice.

Hi RG.


This site is aimed at people who already have PV installed or who want to measure the electric usage in their homes.


You would probably be better Googling on the benefits of transformer vs non-transformer inverters, such as this one...


For estimating the solar performance in your area, look at


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Re: Simpleton needs advice.

Good luck on your project. Not exactly what you asked but if you haven't come across these sites already you should find them useful.

Solar Calculation tool

Site survey:

Solar sun chart for site survey




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