Setup Emoncms on the Raspberry PI

I started three services: apache2, mysql and redis-server and immediately Emoncms is available on the raspberry at RASPBERRYIP/emoncms.

But in this version is not possible to register a new user, you can only login.
Is there a default account (user and password) to access the emoncms on the raspberry?

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Re: Setup Emoncms on the Raspberry PI

Marco, not quite sure what you are asking....(as you don't say which version that you are using)
....but the default web login is 'raspi' and password 'raspberry'


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Re: Setup Emoncms on the Raspberry PI

To register new users in EmonCMS, you need to change a line in the settings.php file found in /var/www/emoncms:

    // Allow user register in emoncms

    $allowusersregister = FALSE;


Change FALSE to TRUE and then you'll see the option to register new users.

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Re: Setup Emoncms on the Raspberry PI

Thank you JD, your solution is correct and it now works.

Another question: since I'll use EmonCms on the EmonHub only for debug purposes, is it possible to disable the authentication? Or at least, is it possible to set a default account?

Thank you in advance

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