Odroid C1 => next-gen OEM base station?

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Re: Odroid C1 => next-gen OEM base station?

For the french speakers here, a discussion about this new hardware on linuxfr.org.


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Re: Odroid C1 => next-gen OEM base station?

Although the Odroid C1 is indeed much faster, has more RAM than the Raspberry PI, and costs the same, it's definitely not as easy to set up and get running as the PI is. The unit is sold as a "development" board, and is aimed at prospective users knowledgeable in Linux, Android and hardware. As of this writing, the support is essentially just a handful of folks, most of whom English is not their first language. That can make getting help from their forums problematic, as some of the posts can be quite confusing. (So much bad grammar and syntax, that one of the users on their forums made mention of the fact!)

I bought one, and installed a minimal version of Debian Wheezy and emoncms on it. When viewing emoncms pages, browser response, compared to a Pi, is much faster, as expected, given the CPU's 1.5Ghz clock speed and board's 1GB of RAM.

If you like to tinker with software and hardware, the C1 might be an enjoyable project for you. Otherwise, at least for the time being, the Pi has the support, and community behind it that makes using it much easier than the C1.


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