Arduino mega

I'm doing a thermostat with display connected to the system emoncms.

​as the library of the monitor is very heavy U8glib have had to move from a standalone Arduino Mega.


On standalone Arduino RF12 radio works perfectly


irq  digital pin 2 (pin 4 ATMEGA328)
sck digital pin 13 (pin 19 ATMEGA328)
miso  digital pin 12 (pin 18 ATMEGA328)
mosi digital pin 11 (pin 17 ATMEGA328)
ss  digital pin 10 (pin 16 ATMEGA328)


I disconnected all the pins and I connected only to the radio and the sketch Rx_SimpleRFM12B ( I changed the frequency at RF12_868MHZ

Arduino mega does not connect to the radio !!!


My configuratio:

3v        (capacitor between vcc and gnd)
RFM_IRQ        Pin 2 
SS/SEL        Pin 53 
MOSI/SDI    Pin 51
MISO/SDO    Pin 50
SCK        Pin 52

pins are defined in rf12.cpp library jeelib

#define SPI_SS      53    // PB0, pin 19
#define SPI_MOSI    51    // PB2, pin 21
#define SPI_MISO    50    // PB3, pin 22
#define SPI_SCK     52    // PB1, pin 20



I tried to insert the resistors on pins but the radio does not connect.