Data logging problem using public IP

Hi. I am using a standard setup with my emonTx V3 connected to load and communicating with pi through RFM12PI. I have configured to update the energy monitoring data to but I have two cases where my pi is directly connected to the switch. (Different switches by the way)

Case 1: Using dynamic IP

It works fine as I have configured it with switch and data is uploaded to the

Case 2: Using Public IP

 I am unable to update the data streams on I have tried both the dynamic and static variations in the interfaces. I can ping to the ( Port 22 is working as I can SSH to the pi.

What can be the cause of this issue? Thanks 

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Re: Data logging problem using public IP

Well the issue is resolved. Apparently there was a problem with some port. After opening all the ports it is now updating the feeds. Thanks

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