My emonTx v2 has stopped turning on

Hi folks,

I have an emonTx v2.2.1 which is almost two years old. I've used it to sense my power supply for perhaps a total of 6 months in that time. The most recent time I plugged it in, I found it had stopped submitting power readings to the database after a month or so. I figured it was just the batteries but new ones don't make it turn on, and I can check with a voltmeter that the batteries are supplying adequate voltage.

So... is there anything obvious I can try to troubleshoot my emonTx? Like can I measure some pins on the ATmega chip to check it's receiving power?


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Re: My emonTx v2 has stopped turning on

Ok, I looked for an ATmega pin diagram and a RFM12b pin diagram and checked the Vcc and GND connections with a multimeter - they weren't getting power. I looked for a loose connection near the supply and found one of the supply wires was loose in its solder - d'oh! Resoldering did the trick - it's working again!

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