Control Power Sockets with EmonTX Shield


I have one EmonTX Shield with the RFM12 Tranceiver on one Arduino Uno to read the Voltage und Current measurements and I have a second Arduino Uno with 433MHz transmitter to control my power sockets. I have also an ethernetshield on my first arduino so I edited the CS-Pin to be Pin 5.

I would like to use the RFM12 to control the power sockets. I found some usefull information on the internet but i´m not getting the whole thing to work, because I can´t even check if the RFM12 is working correct, because I have no second transceiver.

Has anyone tried to control some (Pollin) power sockets with the RFM12 Module on the EmonTX shield?


I´m using this example,

but my code is only 12 digits long...

0b000001011101 ->  00000 10111 01 (Systemcode all On - Channel 2 active - on)

I used this to calculate the code:


It´s quite messed up and I can not get this to work, hopefully anyone can help me. This would save me one Arduino Uno for other things =)






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Re: Control Power Sockets with EmonTX Shield

I have never tried to do this, and I don't ever remember seeing any reports of anyone else using those particular sockets.

When you write "It´s quite messed up and I can not get this to work", do you have a real idea of what the problem actually is? As I see it, there are two major problem areas: (1) knowing the code to send, and (2) being able to send it.

From what you write, it appears that you know the code you want to send. Do you know that the code you have is correct? For example if you have the transmitter to go with the Pollin sockets, you could follow Martin's steps and record the protocol to check, using your only RFM12B?

When you know the code is correct, and assuming from what you write that it's not an identical protocol to Martin's devices, is it that you're not sure how to modify Martin's code to send it? In that case, you need to study Martin's code to find out exactly how it works, then set about changing it to do what you need it to do.

I think you will find it very hard without a second RFM12B, and you might need to obtain one so that you can be sure that you're actually transmitting the code you want to transmit.


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