Postage Cost Only - Electrisave CM113A, Wireless Electricity Monitor

For the postage at cost I have the following.  You can send me the postage when it has arrived and you've made it work.  I prefer to only send it to UK addresses please.  If you're pleased with it you could always make a donation to Open Energy Monitor.

Unwanted Electrisave CM113A, Wireless Electricity Monitor which is complete, comprising of 1 CT, Wireless Sensor & LCD Monitoring Display, box and manual.  It can also monitor 2 or 3 phases with additional CTs

Unfortunately because it hasn't been used for sometime the AA batteries have leaked in the sensor and monitor units.  I've cleaned them up but one or more contacts is corroded.  The LCD monitor can also be powered using a mains adapter (not included).



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Re: Postage Cost Only - Electrisave CM113A, Wireless Electricity Monitor

Hi Steve

I already have a electrisave CMR113A but when I moved house I left the sensor cable.

Do you have the CMR113A still ( I know it is 24 weeks now) but as you did not have any replies I thought it was worth a try.  Let me know how much and how to repay you if you still have the monitor.

My address is 3 Newnes Barns, Newnes, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9HQ.

Many thanks John Barlow


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