No Qualifications / Professional Experience Necessary

We are a small but very dynamic and enthusiastic IT company based in Paisley and Northern Ireland. We have been working away with Emon, Ciseco and other stuff to get a commercial solution up and running to help with energy efficiency and independent living for older people/vulnerable adults.

Recently we have been heavily involved in medicines adherence. Looking at how we help people remember to take the right medicine at the right time and prevent dangerous mistakes.  

The bad news is that there are not enough of us but the good news is we want more.

We don’t care whether you have a degree or other qualifications just that you have something to offer the team and will get your sleeves rolled up and pile in.

We want folk that are fascinated by sensors and like nothing better than hooking things together. We want someone who gets excited about home automation, low power radio, Arduino, Linux, Open Source solutions…blah blah blah.

If you get the picture and want to turn your hobby into a job or a pro that just wants to try life at the bleeding edge of technology then drop me a line.




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Re: No Qualifications / Professional Experience Necessary

Hey John,


Like the sound of what you are doing. I saw this recently at a "Big Data Science in Medicine". - look at it from around 00:50. Not sure how this is done but can certainly see why.

Some of the ideas we have had around the subject is getting the GP to send effectively appointments out to your smartphone/tablet as reminders. Getting the NHS behind delivering this service made a lot of sense as it will also allow feedback in the other direction for GPs to see if medication has been taken.

Even looked at building a device to help deliver the right tablet at the right time - but this still misses on knowing if the medication was taken.




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