cannot open .sch files (Eagle)

Hi all,

i cannot open the .sch oder .brd files of the openenergymonitor-files (emonth, emontx,....). The error is:

"Error in line 3, column 67. This is not an eagle file"

in german: "Zeile 3, Spalte 67: Dies ist keine EAGLE-Datei."

Someone a hint for me how to fix this? Where is the problem?



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Re: cannot open .sch files (Eagle)

How did you download the file? I think it is possible that you downloaded HTML, not the Eagle file. For example, go to , there you must click on "plain"


and you then see this - without line numbers etc:

This is the file that you save. It is

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Re: cannot open .sch files (Eagle)

Great! That was it. THX!

And sorry for the question. I am Eagle-newbie 

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