today i have build the Emon GLCD with the following tutorial: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/modules/emonglcd/buildguide13

but when i connect it, it wont show anything , no display , no leds , no backlight. etc.

i messured the voltage as shown in step 16. the voltage is 3.x so thats alright.


please tell me what to do ? i have checked it a 100 times.



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Re: Emon GLCD

It is very hard to diagnose a fault at a distance. You need to tell us a few accurate details  (i.e. a voltage of 3.x is not at all helpful, nor do I believe that you have checked it exactly 100 times).

Did your build look exactly like the photographs at every stage? Which sketch have you loaded? Have you soldered the display in place, or are you stopped on step 21? (You should have stopped there if you get nothing.) How are you powering it?

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Re: Emon GLCD


Thanks for you reply, I understand it's hard to get a diagnose from a long distance so i take a couple of pictures.
















I don't have a ROM flashed , but the LCD backlight etc. get's on without? isn;t it?



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Re: Emon GLCD

Looking at this circuit diagram http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/sites/default/files/emonGLCD_V1.4.png  the backlight is controlled by  the IRQ pin of AVR so you will need to upload some firmware to test, as per step 21 of the instructions.


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Re: Emon GLCD


Thanks for your reply, i saw in the instructionmanual something like a preloaded bootloader. i was expecting something when i booted it up.

i will flash the test Rom

excuse me for my bad english, 


Thanks all

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Re: Emon GLCD

There is indeed a bootloader present. But no sketch. The instructions do state this. The instructions also say that you must load the test sketch before you solder the display into position. This is because it is impossible to remove the display after it has been soldered without causing permanent damage either to the PCB or to the display.

Load the test sketch according to the instructions, Step 21:

"The ATMega will come with Arduino Optiboot 4.4 bootloader (select Uno in IDE) but with no sketch uploaded. The correct sketch must be uploaded using Arduino IDE. You should use this sketch to test with."

With a complicated build like this it is most important that you follow the instructions exactly, and that you do not miss any steps.


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Re: Emon GLCD

i got the following USB to  UART controller: http://www.hobbyelectronica.nl/product/pl2303hx-usb-naar-uart-ttlusb-ttl-programmer-module/


but when i try to upload the test sketch in Arduino IDE the following error :


sketch_jul08a.ino:33:44: error: utility/font_clR6x8.h: No such file or directory
sketch_jul08a:35: error: 'GLCD_ST7565' does not name a type
sketch_jul08a:58: error: 'OneWire' does not name a type
sketch_jul08a:59: error: 'DallasTemperature' does not name a type
sketch_jul08a.ino: In function 'void setup()':
sketch_jul08a:66: error: 'glcd' was not declared in this scope
sketch_jul08a:68: error: 'font_clR6x8' was not declared in this scope
sketch_jul08a:76: error: 'sensors' was not declared in this scope
sketch_jul08a.ino: In function 'void loop()':
sketch_jul08a:95: error: 'glcd' was not declared in this scope
sketch_jul08a:98: error: 'sensors' was not declared in this scope


please help me 

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Re: Emon GLCD

Read the comment at the top of the sketch. It lists the libraries that you need, which you install as per these instructions.

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Re: Emon GLCD


thnx for your advise, i'm feeling very dumb at this time.. 


i get the following error: 

Binaire sketch-grootte: 12.900 bytes (van een 32.256-byte maximum)
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00


i think its because i don't can connect the RST pin of my LCD to a pin of my USB UART controller?

de USB/UART controller have 5 pins, the LCD 6 ..


i have ordered a new controller from the webshop :) but the shipping time is long to the Netherlands..



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Re: Emon GLCD

Yes, the RST line is required for upload to work. Using the programmer from the web shop should solve the problem. Alternatively post up a photo / info of the programmer your using and we'll try and help you

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Re: Emon GLCD

I also have the same issue, i followed the instructions and they did not work out exactly as described. First the detail about where the library files need to be stored within Auduino, causes lots of errors during compiling. I simply put all the files into the designated Arduino folder structure, this cured the errors. The Sketches now verify. I have an issue with the USB to UART connector supplied from the shop, drivers downloaded and windows recognizes the device. I've set Arduino to Board type UNO. but keep getting (avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x30)??


Thanks Paul

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Re: Emon GLCD

There are at least two places where the library files can go, where they will be found by the IDE/compiler/linker. The first place is in the directory structure beneath the IDE. This has the significant disadvantage that when you upgrade the IDE, it will likely install in a parallel structure and you will need to move or copy the library files that you added. The second place, where this restriction does not apply, is in the directory structure beneath the "Sketchbook Location" that you set in the IDE Preferences.

Can you tell me exactly where you found "the instructions [that] did not work out exactly as described"?

There are innumerable reasons for that error. Did you get the drivers from SI Labs or did you try to use the Arduino ones? Have you got the connector the right way round?  I have occasionally had that problem for no apparent reason and it's necessary to unplug the programmer from both the laptop and from the GLCD/emonTx to clear it. Can you try the programmer with another  emon device? (Tx or TH).

(Which version of Windows are you using?)

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