Hybrid systems

I stumbled across this link which is a interactive representation of a solar hybrid system, ie, using batteries to store surplus energy. It's been discussed before, but an interesting concept.



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Re: Hybrid systems

Hi, Paul


See my post about hybrid solar panels and energy monitoring / distribution, this is excatly what i describe, without the cloud.

I had in France, like millions of other people, been disconnected of internet for more than two weeks, what about cloud systems at this time ?

Cloud is often an insane way : usefull for file storage and backup, but no way for listning music, watching video stream and so on , this is hudge energy leak for the planet to transprt stremaing data all over the world, each time a happy fellow want to lesson to his beatles favorite song ...


So, the open energymonitor handling is perfect : you make the choice, server is running home, or cloud .


You guess what will be my personal choice !

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Re: Hybrid systems

I wasn't too interested in the 'cloud' aspect in the link, as I think that we have that covered here in OEM. Much more interested in being able to store surplus power whilst the sun is shining, to use when it's not.


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