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Hi Gurus,

I have been looking into oem and related products and I am very confused what do I need to order to get started first. My aim is to store and use later spare electricity generated by my 4kw solar panels. There are products out there like Nedap power router but mine is solar edge system so can't integrate with it.

Is it possible to use oem as a step in this direction? This is my full requirement:

When solar panels is producing power, measure it and redirect any spare power to a battery charger. Any power after giving to inverter should be sent to the grid.

If usage grows it should be given from solar panel first,

if usage is more than solar panel is producing then it should be given from stored power from an inverter connected to the battery.

If battery + solar panel power is not enough to meet the usage power need excess power should be withdrawn from grid.


Solar panels producing 1kw, home usage 200 watt = 800 watts ready available to the battery charger, battery charger only needing 300 watt = 500 watt back to grid

Solar panels producing 1kw, home usage 1.5kw = 500 watt being taken from inverter assuming inverter has enough power. After lets say 5 hr if inverter can only supply 200 watt then remaining 300 watt should be taken from the grid.

Sorry for the long post but I think it is very common requirement. This is the goal I want to achieve, it doesn't need to be perfect, any step in this direction will be a step forward. Please advise me what direction shall I head?



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Re: First setup

Hi, what inverter is it that you have connected to the batteries or are you in planning stage?

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Re: First setup

I am in planning stage at the moment, if I find a solution I will start buying compatible component(s) of that solution assuming its not too expensive. Looking forward to handle a load of 3-5kw, so inverter (or inverter + battery charger pack e.g. victron energy ones) of this size will be sourced.


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Re: First setup

At the moment I am using a Trace (Xantrex/ Schneider) Inverter/charger and Robins Mk2i diverter (modified) with Eltek battery chargers and the system works really well. The Trace has a sell mode so I have this set to cover base load and this is turned on automatically using a photo sensor, so when it isn't bright it turns it on. It does require a  bit of user intervention though, like increasing the sell current on a night. At times you can be drawing a bit too much from the batteries but then the diverter will turn a charger on. (just a bit inefficient). My grid usage for the last 9 days has been 3kWh, pre PV it would have been about 24kWh a day.

Depending on your budget I would look at something like the SMA Sunny Island as that will  do what you require totally automatically.

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Re: First setup

No one on this?

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