EmonTX V3 disable RFM12B and use additional I/O

I am working on an off grid PV inverter / charger system on a small ship with diversion to hot water and inverter aircon.

I've just received an EmonTX V3 (great design thanks) completely assembled with RFM12B.and case. After reading the build info on this site, I assumed I would be able to remove the RFM12B but find it has been soldered. I don't actually want to use it as my system will be connected directly via software serial cable to a Comfile touch screen controller rather than emoncms.

I've already built an EmonTX V2 board without RFM12b to prove the system and used the spare I/O for software serial lines and all works fine but I bought the V3 as it is in a nice case and I thought it would be more industrial for the final setup in a large contrrol cabinet. 

Can anyone advise how I disable (or remove) the RFM12B from the V3 board so I can use the I/O for serial lines and a couple of contactor aux contact inputs? 

Thanks for any ideas, Chris Grant