Calibration theory

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I would like to know when the link about "CT sensors - calibration theory" will be uploaded because I don't know the principles to make the calibrations of different AC-AC power adapter as the one I am intending to use in my project.

I mean, I saw your link named "Different AC to AC power adapters" and I couldn't understand the relationship about your calibration values and the power AC parameters and the oscilloscope's graphics showed on that page.

From now I thank you so much for your attention and congratulations for your great job at this wiki project and waiting hopefuly for your answer to these questions.

More one thing,

the circuit diagram from the link "" is not showing in any web browser that I tried to open, such Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The figure's link show "The requested page could not be found.

Thank you so much,

Best regards.

Jonathas Rodrigues.

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Re: Calibration theory

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