CT cable length,

Hey, just wanted to know if the CT cables can be extended and how long ?,

I want to extend them around 10m-15m

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Re: CT cable length,

I've used a standard 5-metre M-F stereo extender for the CT without any problems.  

If you only want to measure "real power", I don't think there would be any problem with the length you're talking about.  Any reduction in sensitivity could be easily taken care of by altering the calibration value.  But if you're making phase measurements, it might be different.

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Re: CT cable length,

Awesome thanks, 


I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

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Re: CT cable length,

I've done around 10 m, using twin twisted screen pair ("microphone") cable, earthing the screen only at the CT end. I've not done the sums on phase shift due to cable capacitance at around 100 pF/m, but as the system impedance is around 100 Ω, I wasn't going to bother either! Sensitivity doesn't come into consideration (except as a second-order effect) as the CT is a current, not voltage, source.

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