EmonTxV3 Not Showing up anywhere on computer?


Purchused a prebuilt EmonTxV3 off here but for whatever reason I cannot get my computer to recognise the device.

Orginally when I plugged it in I got a USB to UART converter or something similarly worded showing up but nothing else in device manager.

I then followed some advice that seemed relevant I found and installed a driver off here

This resulted in the USB to UART converter disapparing and being replaced with a new port (com3) appaearing in the ports section of the device manager. But no mention of the EmonTxV3 or anything else relating to it as far as I can tell.

I'd really appreciate any help with this.

My understanding from the guides etc is that I should be able to plug the device in via the USB to UART converter and the device should show up independent of any drivers at that point. When I plug the USB to UART into the computer the blue light comes on solid, Pluging the converter in to the EmonTxV3 results in a red light coming on solid and then intermittently, then disappears leaving only the blue solid light on the converter.

Running windows 8.1

Cheers in advance for any help


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Re: EmonTxV3 Not Showing up anywhere on computer?

Did you follow all the instructions here?

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Re: EmonTxV3 Not Showing up anywhere on computer?

As much as I could but I don't think its possible to follow all of the instructions because the EmonTxV3 is nowhere to be seen in the Device manager so I can't install the drivers :( 


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Re: EmonTxV3 Not Showing up anywhere on computer?

I don't think you will see the emontx v3 in devices. the device you are installing is the programmer.

The linked guide says to install the drivers and IDE, and to connect the emontx v3 and programmer after opening the IDE and checking the ports, you should see the additional port appear in the IDE.


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Re: EmonTxV3 Not Showing up anywhere on computer?

Chompy, why don't you try following the instructions exactly? If you think it's not possible because of a preconception that might be wrong, and give up without trying, no-one can help you. But if you do try and find a genuine problem, then you can report back and somebody can do something about it, and if necessary the instructions can be corrected.

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