RFM12Pi - change in data format [SOLVED]

Posting it here to save the hours of head scratching I went through as I couldn't find the answer here.

I came back from being away to find that all data inputs into emoncms had stopped.

After rebooting everything nothing was still working.

I'm using a modified version of the script from here...


to take the data from my RFM12Pi and to publish it to a MQTT broker.

It turns out that my script was expecting data in the format "NodeID data"

the data was now in the format "G NodeID data"

Using minicom showed that the configuration of my RFM12Pi had changed (to 0g) and it was now unlocked.

Changing it back from 0g to the network group I use, solved the formatting issue and and hence my problem.


Take aways:

Even with the 123x lock setting it can sometimes still can error and be modified.

A data line which starts with G indicated 0g has been set.