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Hey everyone,

Well, I'm pretty open to this forum and how everything goes over here. I'm basically working on the field of energy management and I feel a real pity for having all such interesting work and such amount of data not exposed and presented to the research community. It would be great if we can modify the EMONCMS system to give the user the option to anonymously share his electrical metering data, temperature, PV, etc etc with the research community. Such international data set could really support several communities. Also, it can help us to improve the EMONCMS with more professional energy analysis / prognosis system for the users. In addition to that, we can understand through it the potential of having energy management systems for this population.


If you are interested in sharing your Energy Monitor systems readings or working on this project of Open Energy Usage Database, please let me know. Also, your ideas and comments are highly welcomed.



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Re: Open Energy Usage Database

Just for the sake of letting you know what we are exactly doing and how are going to use the data you share. I'm actually a research assistant in the institute of energy economics and application at Technical University of Munich.  I'm working along with my colleagues on several research projects related to car charging systems, energy management systems, integration of renewable energies and micro CHP into households and buildings. For more details you can definitely visit our homepage:

For those interested in sharing their data, we will be using it in a Energy Management System design that shall be easily integrated in conventional homes. Furthermore,  we would like to let you know that we will definitely acknowledge you/ your project within our research. Also, we would like to let you know that any developments that can contribute to your energy monitoring systems and the EMONCMS will be definitely shared with your community.



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Re: Open Energy Usage Database

Dear Wessam,

I'm a new emoncms user and working at HTW Berlin (university of applied science). We would like to use emoncms for a similar purpose - thus Im very interested in our project and sharing information. I'm concerned with energy efficiency in buildings wherefore my programming knowledge is very basic.

In my point of view the module concept of emoncms is very nice and it enables a good platform to extend it for different applications. What I'm missing to use it as a kind of "sharing database" (e.g. students, colleagues, other research projects):

- usermanagement with different access rights (e.g. guest, students)

- well arranged data point view for huge data sets. Like a hierarchically folder structure with links to different feed or even to feeds in different accounts (if allowed).

- more meta information for each data point (unit, sample interval, sample method, etc. ). I think that would be the first step to introduce automated analysis routines.

- more plotting functions like carpet and scatter plots

- import from .txt files ...

We consider to extend emoncms for our tasks (it depends on our work schedule). If we do so, we surely share all the code - of course. For us it would be nice to provide the building owners a free monitoring tool  which runs even if the project is over. That is the best energy saving measure.

best regards



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Re: Open Energy Usage Database

Dear Sebastian,

                          It's really interesting to get to know some peoples over here who would be sharing the same goals and enthusiasm towards this project, yet we can't really do anything without volunteers who have already the monitoring system installed in their houses or without having an access to the common EMONCMS server. I really hope that the EMONCMS administrator would give us an access to the server after the users permissions.

But anyways, do you have any suggestions? Have you already installed the monitoring systems? do you have server space?


Best Regards


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