New system build guides in development

I've been working on new system build guides, the first is a new Home Energy monitor build guide that has been the aim of recent developments in emoncms v8: nodes interface, electric dashboard and also the calculation of accumulated watt hours on the emontx:

Home Energy Monitor (EmonTx v3, RPi, emoncms v8)

The second is a heatpump monitor build that includes direct serial connection between the emontx and the raspberrypi as well as using a mobile broadband dongle for internet connectivity. The raspberrypi code also implements buffering for when the link is down.

Heatpump Monitor (Direct serial EmonTx to RPi)

Even though its not finished the home energy monitor build guide might be useful if you've just upgraded to version 8 of emoncms and wondering what the new features are.



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Re: New system build guides in development

As mentioned in the blog, there's a new github repository in which to develop these guides. The table of content so far is:


Open, downloadable, editable documentation (via git).

Home Energy Monitor

    Home Energy Monitor (posting to
    Home Energy Monitor (with emoncms running locally on a harddrive)

Heatpump Monitor

    Heatpump Monitor (with emoncms running locally on a harddrive)
    Heatpump Monitor (direct serial emontx -> RPi + GSM


    Full Stack HDD
    Full Stack HDD + scheduler

Help with testing and github pull requests with changes to these guides would be most appreciated and if youd like to submit a guide for an application or configuration that you dont think has been covered well that would also be welcome.

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