emonTH out of stock?

Hi. Just placed an order for a number of components but couldn't buy the emonTH. Any idea when this will be back in stock?

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Re: emonTH out of stock?

The guys don't necessarily check the forums too frequently. From the shop menu there's a page headed "Support":

For customer support regarding the ordering process or individual orders, our contact information is as follows:

For support with an order you would like to place: sales@openenergymonitor.zendesk.com

For support with an order you have placed: support@openenergymonitor.zendesk.com

To speak to us directly, you can phone us on: +44(0)1248 672607

Our office is open monday to friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays)

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Re: emonTH out of stock?

Great, thanks for the info!

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Re: emonTH out of stock?

Yes, they are out of stock. Sorry about this. Manufacture has been arranged, I have all the components, just waiting on PCB's then assembly. PCB's should be with us 5th May. Assembly should start later that week. Assembly and testing will take a week or two, we hope to receive partial shipment of next batch (500 units) around middle May. Very sorry for the delay. You can place back order, if you do so please specify if you would like us to partially ship your order with items we have in stock or ship all together once we have stock of emonTH's.


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